Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Idea Number One: Nature Scrapbooks

Nature Scrapbook Idea Number One

Begin with a large scrapbook pad, make a creative title page if you’d like, and add all arts and crafts you do in nature (leaf rubbings, pressed wildflowers, nature stamps, drawings, etc) as well as photos, captions, stories, and anything else you want to add. Kids can use this scrapbook as a way of retelling their experiences to friends and family members, making their explorations and adventures in the wilderness even more rich and memorable!

Nature Scrapbook Idea Number Two

Begin with a scrapbook pad, journal, or sketchbook. Pick a special spot in nature; it could be a particular forest grove or beach, or it could be a more general area like the Shuswap. Every time you go out to this spot, take a photo or two of the plants, trees, animals, bugs, and any other species of flora and fauna that interest you. Draw an image by hand if you like. Note your observances (what does it look like, what does it do, etc). At home or at the library, research information about the particular species and keep a diary of everything you find.

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