Monday, April 11, 2011

It's been a fun Winter, now onward with Spring!

Well, we've had a really great time over the past few months, and want to say thanks to everyone for coming out with us, even when the weather was a bit cold and dreary...

In December, we got to see how beautiful Margaret Falls looks in the wintertime, all covered in snow and icicles.

In January, we had lots of fun crazy carpeting at Dry Lake... it was a perfect day, warm and sunny, and we enjoyed sitting around the campfire afterwards with some hot food and drinks.  
And we had a great time last weekend at Sunnybrae Park, even though it was an incredibly windy day at the beach! Although we spent most of our time on the playground (sheltering ourselves from the wind), it was still good to get outside in the fresh air and see our friends. We did see at least one early sign of Spring while we were there... a tiny ladybug without any spots.

And now it is that time of year again, when the sun is shining more, the days are getting longer, and the first buds and shoots of Spring are just beginning to appear. I look forward to the many wilderness walks and adventures that are sure to come over the Spring and Summer months!

Happy trails everyone :)

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